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The Old Sailor's

It was Summer in 1849. Maverick James Edyards who run a foundry company in Falmouth, Massachusetts was only 19 years old.

Although it was called “company”, it was a very small, and he made molds by himself and commissioned an ironworking company to manufacture the anchors.


The anchors that Maverick makes were very unique, and word quickly spread, and within five years the company had grown into a well-known local foundry with 50 craftspeople under its belt.


Maverick, who was also a devoted Catholic, dreamed of raising righteous and healthy youth through God's teachings and outdoor activities.

He lost his parents when he was a child and started working at his grandfather's friend Paul Carter's ironworks, but he spent most of his time drinking, smoking, and fighting. But when he was a young boy who had never received a satisfactory education and continued to play freely, he met a priest who taught him about God and the universe, and he realized that if he continued to have a pure heart and courage, all people would be led to heaven.


The priest told Maverick, "Your family members who have left you and departed this life will watch over you in heaven. Your family members who have left you behind are watching your deeds in heaven. Don't let your parents grieve.“


And so Maverick vowed to earn money and serve the world when he grew up someday, and by the age of 50, he decided to become a preacher who would visit other countries to share outdoor education and compassion.


In those days, life was considered to be 60 years. He worked himself to death to make money.

In 1880, at the age of 50, he and his wife Emmy traveled to Hokkaido in a not-so-large schooner. Maverick, who grew up by the sea, approached 12 young people each in the small Pacific coast towns of Tokachibuto and Akkeshi, creating a total of 24 outdoor activity education leaders over a five-year period.


It was not a time of affluence, and no one was concerned about the education of their children. Therefore, he spent his own money and his own wealth. He raised healthy, courageous boys with a strong sense of justice and taught them the harshness of the sea, rivers, and nature.

Captain Maverick's Story

Although they did not speak the same language, they all grew up to become strong and healthy young men, and in 1897, Captain Maverick Adventure Camp School was established.

Family Tree

Catherine Rose Edyards



Died of illness in summer 1845 at age 44

Whaling ship captain

Peter Frank Edyards



Died of maritime accident in winter 1843 at age 41

Marina Franklin Edyards



Died of illness in summer 1840 at age 67

Captain of a ship hauling firewood from Maine

James Summer Edyards



Died of lung cancer in 1837 at age 64

Thomas Marina Edyards

Eldest son


Died of maritime accident in winter 1843 at age 20

Norman Dennis Edyards

Second son


Died of maritime accident in winter 1843 at age 18

Emmy Rose Edyards



born in the same hospital at the same time Catherine died

Anchor Craftsman

Maverick James Edyards

Main character


The name was given by grandfather (men should live stubbornly)

The Captain Maverick's Story ...

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